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Install & Repair of Refrigerator Water Line

refrigerator water linesAlmost every refrigerator you can buy today has a water and ice maker built inside the freezer. Some, even have on-demand hot water built right into the refrigerator door. What you may not know is that you need to have a water supply line run to the refrigerator in order to make it work properly.

Emergency Water Line Repair
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As one of our standard household plumbing services, Ron Steele Plumbing offers installation of refrigerator water lines to all our Charlotte area customers. In most cases, we can install a new refrigerator water supply line in just a few hours, and you’ll be making ice in no time! Call us today at 704-338-1385 for a free estimate, or complete the short form below.

If you notice water on the floor near the bottom or back of your refrigerator, you should call us out to prevent further water damage from a leaking water line.

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