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Toilet Repair and Replacement Services

If you hear water continually running in your bathroom or notice water around the base of the toilet, it may be time to call in Ron Steele Plumbing for toilet repair. Whether the tank is leaking water back into the bowl, or the wax ring has developed a slow leak at the base of the toilet, you should have it fixed immediately.

Toilet Repair & Replacement
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As part of our Plumbing Services for the Charlotte area, we offer affordable toilet repair service and guarantee our work! If you have a toilet that is leaking or needs full replacement, Ron Steele Plumbing will get the job right the first time, and your bathroom will be back in business the same day in most cases!

New Toilet Installation

Ron Steele Plumbing installs the highest rated and #1 toilets for our Charlotte area customers. Toto toilets are Made in the USA and include features many of our customers love. Soft-close lids and seating so there is no more slamming lids, dual-max flushing systems to avoid clogs forever, and of course WaterSense technology assures you a “green” and high efficiency water saving toilet for your home.

Residential Toilet Repair Services

  • Clog removal and drain cleaning.
  • Flusher and flapper replacement.
  • Leaking water lines connecting to flusher valve
  • Wax ring replacement and seating toilet to flange.
  • Toilet flange repair and replacement.
  • Relocating toilet in bathroom.
  • Complete toilet replacement.
  • Hands-off, sanitary toilet cleaning systems.
  • Slow-Close toilet seats.
  • Toilet testing for high water bills.
  • Lingering toilet odor testing

Signs You Should Call Us for Toilet Repair

  • Toilet Constantly Clogging – If the toilet clogs every time you go to the bathroom, you may have an obstruction in the waste pipes.
  • Water on the Floor or Discoloration of Flooring – If your feet get wet when you flush, that’s not a feature… it’s a problem! If your linoleum floor is getting dark around the toilet, it could mean a leak under the toilet.
  • Toilet Runs Intermittently – Don’t you hate it when the toilet runs 5 minutes after you flushed? It usually means there is an issue with the flapper, or the toilet is leaking water somewhere.
  • Toilet Won’t Flush at All – Nothing spoils a bathroom visit more, than reaching for the handle to flush and it does nothing. The inner tank flusher valve likely needs replacement or repair.

Request Toilet Service Now

If you need emergency toilet repair, call us now at: 704-338-1385

For non-emergency toilet replacement or other needs, please call us or use the convenient email form below. We’ll get back in touch shortly.

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