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Water Line Repairs, Charlotte NC

Water leaks in your Charlotte area home or business can result in high water bills, headaches, and if not taken care of immediately, extensive damages and repair costs! You should call Ron Steele Plumbing of Charlotte at the very first sign of any water leaks in the supply lines through your home or business.

Emergency Water Line Repair
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We have been repairing water leaks in Charlotte for more than 30 years, and our Professional Plumbers can your water line repaired the first time.

Signs of a Water Leak

Spotting the signs of a water can actually be pretty thing to do, they’re kind of obvious! If you see any of the conditions below, you may have a water line leaking at your home:

Main Water Supply Line Leaks:

  • Water Standing in Yard between Home and the Street
  • Water Running onto the Road in Front of your Home
  • High Water Bills from CMUD Water Services

Slab Foundation Leaks:

  • You Hear Water Running through Pipes, but No Faucets are Open
  • Wet Areas Under Floors or Carpets
  • Excessive Hot or Cold Spots Under the Carpet or Wood Floors
  • Water Leaks Between Walls and Floors
  • Excessive Cracks in Foundations and Floors
  • High Water Bills

Water Leaks Inside the Home:

  • Sound of Water Running through Pipes when Nothing is On
  • Wet or Spongy Areas on Ceiling or Walls
  • Sagging Areas on the Ceiling, Indicating a Added Weight from Water Soaking
  • Musty Odors Coming from Utility Closets or Under Cabinets
  • High Water Bills

These are just a few of the obvious ways to learn you have a water leak in or outside your home or business. In Charlotte NC, CMUD (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Dept) is only responsible for leaks between the meter and the street. They will not do anything for water lines leaking on your side of the water meter, and you should callĀ  us immediately when you first discover a leak!

Water Line Leak Detection and Repair

Ron Steele Plumbing uses the latest technology to locate and detect leaks within the walls and foundation of your home. From pressurizing to special listening devices, we can find your leak with the minimum amount of destruction to your home or property..

Water Line Replacement

When the time comes to replace your water supply line, Ron Steele Plumbing makes use of the latest in underground boring equipment for water service lines, so we can replace your water line without tearing up your yard, driveway, sidewalks, or disrupting the surrounding areas.

Have a question about Water Line Installation or Repair for your Charlotte NC or area home? Feel free to Contact us Online, or Call 704-338-1385 Today!