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  • Protect Pipes from Freezing – Winter is Coming to Charlotte

    Winter and freezing temperatures can be a harsh to your home, and the water pipes are definitely no exception! In this quick and easy series of plumbing tips for Charlotte area homeowners, we want to share a few ways you can prevent your pipes from freezing, and needing to call out your Friendly Charlotte Plumber, Ron Steele. Of course, if your water pipes are already frozen and you live in the areas we service around Charlotte NC, please call us now at: 704-338-1385 and we’ll send a repair van immediately!

    • Wrap your tank-style water heater with an insulated blanket if it’s in the garage or any other unheated area! (Also saves energy)
    • Use pipe insulation on all water lines in your garage, attic and crawl space.
    • Drain outdoor water lines like sprinklers and hoses to prevent bursting.
    • Open cabinet doors under sinks on exterior walls on very cold nights. (lets warm air from house keep pipes in exterior walls warmer)
    • Repair broken water lines immediately to prevent further water damage and freezing.
    • Open faucets an allow them to drip, to let expansion occur without bursting pipe.

    We realize that holidays are around the corner as well and many families like to travel through the winter. Make sure you have someone checking your home, and that you set your heat high enough to prevent frozen pipes in your Charlotte home this winter.